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Sardische Weine



Marà Vermentino di Sardegna D.O.C.
A salty kiss. Salty air and sandy soil are the parents of this wine. Grape of ancient origins, straw yellow color. The smell of white friuts and pineapple are the protagonists.



AltuBiancu Vermentino di Sardegna D.O.C.
Is born from waiting. The expectation that the rite of the river Coghinas is fulfilled in the vineyard, letting the exodus of its thermal waters nourish the land of minerals and strength. The result is a Vermentino di Sardegna rich in exciting citrus and vanilla notes. It will accompany with a touch of fresheness seafood dishes, white meats and cheeses.



Mont’so Cannonau di Sardegna D.O.C.
Mont’so, a hug. Concentrate of sincerity and purity, from Cannonau grapes reached the right degree of ripeness. It is a red wine with aromas of violet and ripe red fruits. The taste is warm, savory. The finish is pleasant and persistent. It goes well with red meat dishes, braised meats, game, meat stew, mature cheeeses.



Costadoria Cannonau di Sardegna D.O.C.
Sea and wind. From sea vineyard on sandy soil, a ruby red wine is born. The nose opens with notes of violet and pink, accompanied by balsamic, spicy and Mediterranean maquis notes. The taste is fresh and lively, with notes of cocoa and licorice. In perfect harmony with roast meat and mature cheeses.



AltuRuju Isola dei Nuraghi I.G.T.
Only for those who can smile. With its young, cheerful, extroverted and sincere character, it is immediately noted for its bright ruby red color, notes of jam and fruit under spirits. On the palate it has an acidic vein, while soft and intergrated tannins close the aroma of red fruits perceived at the aftertaste. It goes well with tasty pasta dishes, red meat roasts and mature cheeses.

Sa Ira

Sa Ira

Sa Ira Isola dei Nuraghi I.G.T.
It’s your secret. Reserved and intriguing, with velvety lips, it gives the best of itselfs with calm and awareness. Intense ruby red color. Nuances of rose, cherry and black pepper on the nose. On the palate it is silky, firm, with notes of licorice. The aromatic complexity balances the acidity that closes the mouth leaving it clean. It goes well with cured meats, semi-mature cheeses, large roasts, game and braised meats.

Rosa'e Riu

Rosa’e Riu

Rosa’e Riu Cannonau di Sardegna D.O.C. Rosato
For every kind gesture. Pale pink color withyellow-orange nuances. The scent opens with notes of fresh fruit with red and white pulp, predominantly strawberry, gooseberry and white peach. On the palate the entrance is fresh, clean and dry, notes that persist throughout the tasting. The acidity is well balanced and the cleanliness accompanies up to the aftertaste. Food matches: excellent as an aperitif, it goes well with fish and meat appetizers.

Li Zinti

Li Zinti

Li Zinti Moscato di Sardegna Passito D.O.C.
Only for romantics. Scents and notes of sun, warm and enveloping. Deep yellow color, with floral scents of candied fruit and raisints. In the mouth it is harmonious and persistent. It accompanies all the dry pastry. Pleasent also outside meal.

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